ML 2. LK/3.VK L5 ja L6 9.-10.2.2019

Seniorit L5 - Free Skating

Panel of Officials

RefereeMs. Pia ALHONEN FIN
Technical ControllerMs. Anna VAALASRANTA FIN
Technical SpecialistMs. Sabine NYHOLM FIN
Assistant Technical SpecialistMs. Inka BISTER FIN
Referee’s Assistant at ice levelMs. Netta TUOMINEN FIN
Judge No.1Ms. Aura HILKAMOFIN
Judge No.2Ms. Tuula KAUKONENFIN
Judge No.3Ms. Sini AALTOFIN
Judge No.4Ms. Liisa PUSKALAFIN
Judge No.5Ms. Anna-Maria KINNUNENFIN
Data OperatorMr. Vesa PEKKANEN FIN
Replay OperatorMs. Ida HELLSTRÖM FIN

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